Movero: Electrical driver for hospital beds and trolleys

Internal transport of patients and goods is a labour intensive and physically demanding process in hospitals and nursing homes. Each day, between 20 and 30% of all hospital beds are being moved with weights up to 750 kg, regularly causing complaints among employees on arms, back and shoulder.

To reduce physical strain and to make transport in hospitals safer and more efficient, IMS Medical introduces the Movero, a universal electric driver that can be fitted under almost any type of trolley or hospital bed. Why use the Movero?

Taking stress and strain out of moving beds and trolleys

The beds and trolleys are efficiently moved using the Movero. Employees just have to steer their thumb instead of using excessive force on arms, back and shoulder.

Anyone can use it

Using the Movero is intuitive and straight forward. Persons only need a moment to familiarize themselves with the control. The Movero can quickly and widely be used by all employees in logistics, nursing and facility management.


The Movero can move trolleys and hospital beds up to 750 KG with just a tip of the finger. The involvement of multiple persons for transporting patients or fully loaded trolleys is no longer needed, saving time and effort in transport and planning

Precise manoeuvring in all directions

The movero moves very accurately in small and crowded places. It can be moved in any direction. Collisions can be easily avoided, making patient transport more comfortable and minimizing damage to walls and doors at the same time.

Compliant to existing technical infrastructure

No additional investments are needed. The Movero can be connected to the electrical cable of hospital beds. It is also designed to fit into bed wash facilities and to be uses in combination with patient lifts.


The Movero moves goods and hopital beds with minimal noise, this way minimising inconvenience for driver and patient

Cost effective

Fitting trolleys and beds with the Movero is a good long term investment. Considerable time and money is saved on transport, while the physical strain of staff is reduced considerably throughout the organisation.

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